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A perfect fit

​Jack and Marie were referred to us by a friend who was ecstatic about their custom-made mattress. Their bed was a four poster, and they found that they couldn’t find a mattress that would fit perfectly into the frame.
They sought a bespoke solution, which would also have the appropriate comfort level. Jack and Marie phoned us up asking the question: “we have a four poster bed, can you cut the corners out?”.

Our custom solution

When Jack and Marie called us, we stuck to our general rule which is: if you can draw it, we can make it. And that’s exactly what we did.
The personalised mattress was drawn up in design and then brought to life in our local factory. It was tailored to provide the maximum amount of comfort, giving them both a perfectly peaceful night’s sleep.

Jack and Marie found that their new mattress fit seamlessly into the four poster frame. These aren’t the only bed bases we can provide custom mattresses for. We cater for French antique beds, round beds, and brass beds too. Comfort levels are always customised to individuals, with shortening or lengthening available, along with curved edges.
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