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How Yoga Leads To A Better Night’s Sleep

Whenever you see the word ‘yoga’, it seems to be accompanied by the phrase ‘improved wellbeing’ and a photograph of “typical” yogis. It’s a misconception that this practice is only suitable for women and older people. This view has in fact resulted in many people not realising its huge potential.
Join us as we discuss the value of yoga, along with why you might benefit from unrolling your mat and taking part in it to improve your sleep.

The benefits of yoga

Sufferers of insomnia have found that yoga helps their sleep. It increases their ability to nod off quicker and get back to sleep more easily after waking in the night.
It’s not only insomniacs who are realising the benefits. Those with back pain have found it advantageous too. A lot of young men who took up the practice to boost their strength have discovered that yoga makes their back less sore when they’ve been sat down for long periods of time.
Additionally, yoga helps you to become more mindful of your posture. By consciously keeping your tail bone back, chest forward and shoulders relaxed, you’ll feel more comfortable. Many find this improves their performance in sporting activities, and that they generally feel better when moving around.

Signs you need yoga

You can consider yourself ‘reasonably fit’ and still benefit from yoga. Whilst you might regularly run, participate in contact sports, walk the dog and have kids to keep you on your toes, there are still ways in which your body can be physically challenged.
Can you touch your toes? Are you able to bend your hips easily? When you try stretching, do your hamstrings and calves cry out? And do you feel pain in your back? Have you found you can’t ride a bike as well as you could when you were younger? Do you have trouble standing straight after a short ride?
If you recognise any of these signs, then it’s likely you could solve your inflexibility problems with yoga. This is particularly the case if you have back pain during the day and first thing in the morning.

Action a yoga plan

The sooner you begin practising yoga, the sooner you’ll reap the rewards. You’ll find your enjoyment of it increases with each session, and that it’s a great activity to do with others too.
Put in place a daily yoga plan with 25-minute sessions. When just starting out, you’ll likely find that some positions are easy and relaxing. Others are more challenging and put your muscles to the test. Some may even feel impossible. Don’t be defeated – give it time and you’ll soon find your body becomes more able to complete the poses.

Still feeling pain in your back?

If you find that you’re still struggling to sleep due to back pain, yoga might not be the entire solution. The likely cause is a mattress that isn’t everything your body needs.
Opt for a custom mattress that’s been specifically crafted for you. You can create a luxury paradise that will ensure all your body’s requirements are tailored for, and enjoy a full night of Zs without any pain interrupting it.
To get onto the journey to a better night’s sleep, get in touch with Custom Mattress today.