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Why Pay A Fair Price For Quality Goods Made In The UK?

Many of the mattresses you’ll come across when shopping in the UK aren’t manufactured here. Yet, if you take a holiday abroad, you might find that the hotel mattress label says ‘Made in the UK’.
This might cause you to wonder: are we paying too much here for an imported product, or are we purchasing poor quality at cheap prices? Here, we show you how to ensure you pay a fair price for the best mattress for you.

Acknowledge the investment

Many don’t realise that a mattress is actually an investment. Whilst it doesn’t have as high a cost as a car or house, it’s just as important – and can have a similar lifespan too.
Think about it: a mattress is not just something you use occasionally. You spend around eight hours on it daily for as long as a decade, and it enhances the quality of your life. If the mattress you have isn’t of a good enough standard, this can lead to issues like bad sleep and pains that can affect your happiness and day-to-day tasks.

Consider the cost

Making an investment in a mattress comes with an initial cost, but you’ll pay less in the long term. You may have searched the internet or visited high-street shops and found there are similar-looking products with price tags at opposite ends of the scale. It’s likely that the cheaper goods will only last a short while.
When it comes to price and quality, remember that it’s worth it if the item has longevity. By spending £2,000 instead of £1,200, the extra £100 per year is likely to make all the difference. Paying the higher amount will provide absolute quality, and be custom-made and skilfully crafted in the UK. The lower-priced mattress will be mass-produced and not tailored to your specific needs.

Determine the quality

Consider how you weighed up the value of your vacuum cleaner or car. You can assess mattresses similarly. The following checklist can be helpful in ensuring your mattress will be enjoyable to sleep on, and something you feel great about every day:

  • Will I be happy with this purchase in a year?
  • Is it going to bring me joy in three years?
  • Will it still be in excellent condition in eight years?

Think about your experience after you made substantial purchases. Were you happy to tell friends or colleagues about what you bought, and how it made you feel? Would you buy it again? If the answers to these questions are ‘yes’, then this is a sign of a great quality product.

Buy a custom mattress

At Custom Mattress, we guarantee your mattress will be of fantastic quality. We only supply beds and mattresses made in the UK, and these are fashioned from materials that have been sustainably sourced here. For materials that can’t be found in Britain, we will look further afield. But we always ensure that it’s the best material we can find, and that it meets the required ethical standards.
To get more of an insight into how our mattresses are made, get in touch with us and we will take you on a virtual factory tour. If you’d like to discuss your specific requirements, call us on 01565 651696.