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Dreaming Of The Seasons: What We Love About Them!

Summer has ended, and autumn has breezed in… It’s easy to become despondent about the waning warmth in the air, but we shouldn’t despair. There are many beautiful things about the seasons, whether we’re in the grip of winter or the fresh blush of spring.
It doesn’t matter if you’re into walking, food, fashion, shopping or even politics – the British seasons shape our lives. At Custom Mattress, we love to stay in bed, but there’s so much to discover about the shifting of our country outdoors too…
Here are our favourite seasonal facts:

1. London Fashion Week 2018 brought more than 100 brands together

Every year in February and September we watch the models on the catwalk display the new look – sometimes with envy, other times with wonder and even shock. Still, that hasn’t stopped the British fashion industry from netting £32.2 billion in 2018, growing 1.6% higher than the rest of the economy.
Much of that is down to the pincer movement of London Fashion Week, which dictate the trends for autumn/winter and spring/summer, six months apart.

2. Foreign students often don’t know what to wear

The UK is a hotbed of international student communities. A glance at the British Council’s website suggests they may need some help with their seasonal wardrobe, though. We don’t blame them.
According to the Council, British summers can fluctuate from 9 to 18 degrees (on average) to 30 in a heatwave.

3. Autumn is many people’s favourite season

Autumn is often approached with a little sadness; everything is dying or withdrawing from the colder temperatures. But oddly, many of us love it. The BBC have already listed the reasons why.
Whether you’re watching your local league football heroes or strolling peaceably through the woods, each misty autumn morning makes people feel alive.

4. British Standard Time was a hard-fought battle

It’s all thanks to an idea from William Willett who, after riding his horse in Petts Wood near his home in Kent early one summer’s day, noticed how many blinds were still down. That’s when the idea for daylight saving time first occurred to him.
He started a campaign in 1907 to introduce BST but it wasn’t until the First World War (and changes made by Germany) that it was adopted under the Defence of the Realm Act in May 1916. Primarily, it helped the war effort produce more coal.

5. British food should be eaten seasonally, if we support it

We can easily get strawberries in winter, and parsnips in summer, but should we be eating them? Is it sustainable to provide a full choice of goods all year round or are local, seasonal ingredients better?
Our friends at Eat the Seasons have a great guide to making the best choices at the supermarket. Plus, as always, River Cottage has the best recipes for you if you’re stuck for inspiration.
Whatever the season, you want to start and end it with a perfect night’s rest. Have a look at our range to find out how our natural materials provide luxurious comfort and ensure your body temperature is well-regulated. Whether you’re a light, heavy, hot or cold sleeper, there’s a brilliant bedding choice to treat those nights deservingly.