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What is in my mattress?

Trust is such a rare commodity these days. As the world becomes increasingly diverse and disorientating, many people look to cut through the noise to find reality, honesty and products they can trust.
Whether it’s cars or carrots, we want to know how things are made. Authenticity is in such short supply…
This even influences the decisions you’ll make when shopping for a mattress. Let’s explain why nonsense is noteworthy as you look for the perfect bedding item.

Good looks don’t count for much

When you see the perfect car in a showroom, what do you think about? We’re guessing it isn’t how the gearbox functions. No – it’s the glinting chrome hood, the shapely body…
But if the gearbox falls to pieces on the maiden journey, we will start to care. If the seat fabric has been fashioned from an old dress, and is uncomfortable, we’ll care about that too. Looks only count for so much. And the same goes for a luxury mattress.
Mattress companies are always hard at work inventing new buzzwords and pedantry to go with the images they feed us. From memory foam to cooling gel, a new spring made from pigs’ whiskers to chocolate installed in the pillows to give you the ultimate hotel experience… it’s all circumspect.
Showrooms aren’t exempt either. We can try an item out, but they may be optimised for an immediate, positive feeling rather than long-term comfort.

What you really need in a mattress

In our view, this is what you really must bear in mind when evaluating a mattress selection…

  • Support: The best support comes from high-quality springs set to the right tension. Look for those kept in place by side stitching and tufting.
  • Comfort: Everyone has their own preference. A mattress with layers of high-quality materials should hug your shoulders and hips, regulate temperature, and last a long time – at least 10 years.
  • Feel: The best finish to the mattress is achieved using great materials from sustainable sources. So ask questions. Get the manufacturer or seller to prove their claims before you buy.

It doesn’t really get any more complex than this. If you think it’s nonsense, it probably is.
Speak to a team of bedding experts who don’t mince their words or try to lead you down a marketing rabbit hole. Call us at Custom Mattress. We’re fighting back against misdirection in the mattress trade, so that you make an investment you can sleep easy on.