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How Buying A Mattress Online Offers You More Than The In-Store Experience

Mattresses are one of those products that previously you would have needed to see and lie on before you bought it. But this doesn’t have to be the case anymore, especially if it’s one that is customised.
In fact, ordering a mattress online replaces the in-store feel with an even better experience. Join us as we delve into the reasons why.

You get more bang for your buck

When you buy in-store, you’re also paying for the shop’s overheads. You might only leave with the mattress, but there’s the store’s job roles like Sales Assistants, its bricks and mortar, as well its utilities that all need to be accounted for.

When purchasing online, retailers can instead offer the same or a superior product for less. You’ll only spend money on the product itself, with perhaps much lower costs like storage also forming part of the price.

You get payment security

When the internet bubble burst back in the late 90s, it didn’t seem such a good idea to part with money online. But since then we’ve got much smarter, and there are better purchasing options available that provide more protection.
PayPal, for example, offers consumers the ultimate security, and is far safer than handing over cash at the till. If you’re not satisfied with the item you’ve bought online and can demonstrate that it’s not as advertised, you will be able to receive a refund.

You get a speedier service

We are a society of people who want it yesterday, and logic would suggest that the high street would perform better at delivering us with instant gratification. But in actual fact, the opposite is happening, and the internet is taking the reins.
Buying online can get the product to your door quicker than you can get to the store. In the case of bigger, customised purchases, products are ordered online just as swiftly as they are in the store. This means waiting times for the perfect mattress could be even lower.

You can have more trust and knowledge in the product

Customers looking for a new mattress can easily see the quality of a product just by skimming its review page. This saves them from making an inadequate purchase, as does the information available via these customer reviews.

Some will detail the likes of service, experience, delivery method and timings too. Also, we can read more around the product features on the retailer’s website, allowing us to make better informed choices. We no longer need to rely on the person in the showroom – someone who will likely gain commission to sell you products that might not meet your requirements.

You can still have the human element

When the item is as valuable as a bed or mattress, we don’t believe it should rest on the click of a button. Instead, it needs to depend on the company being able to honestly demonstrate the benefits of the product.

A conversation ought to be had between the two parties so that perfect solution is found. And buying online doesn’t mean you can’t speak to a human being about your product search.
At Custom Mattress, we offer a free in-depth consultation over the phone. This will ensure that we provide you with a bed or a mattress that you are completely happy with when you see it for the first time, and for years to come.
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