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What’s The Best Mattress For A Bad Back?

If it’s reached the point where you can no longer sleep without disruption from chronic pain in your back, then it’s time to take action. An orthopedic bed mattress or one specifically tailored to those with a bad back has been proven to help. But there’s a lot to consider prior to parting with your money.
Here, we explore what you will need to think about when selecting a suitable mattress for back pain.

Consider your body

Firstly, identify where the pain is. Lower back discomfort is our customers’ most common complaint. This is often muscle pain combined with (or a symptom of) an underlying spine issue.
Pain across the shoulders is the second most frequent grievance we hear here at Custom Mattress. This is often caused by hunching over a screen or keyboard and is made worse by a mattress that’s too firm. If necessary, visit your doctor to understand how to ease the pain in any way.
Your next consideration will be how you prefer to position your body at night. Sleeping on your back means a firmer mattress will likely prove more beneficial. For those who are side sleepers, one with medium tension might be more suitable. They are gentler on your shoulders and hips.
If you don’t sleep alone, you’ll also have to think about your partner. You may require a mattress with a binary spring system if they don’t have back pain. If they do, choose a traditional pocket spring system.
Different weights will be another factor for couples. Binary system supports can help here too. They activate half the springs to support the lighter person’s weight, and short springs for the other. This means we can offer the same mattress for both your comfort preferences.

Consider your bed

Once you’ve made your decisions around those using the mattress, you’ll then need to think about the bed frame. Contrary to popular belief, adjustable (electric) bases and sprung mattresses aren’t an impossible combination.
Binary springs have a unique layout that allows spring mattresses to fold with the mechanisms in the bed.

If your base is solid or firm and you’re a side sleeper, this may be the cause of your discomfort. One with springs or sprung slats would be beneficial. These allow the mattress to adjust more easily with your body’s contours. They prevent a curve in the spine by hugging your shoulders and hips.
You’ll also need to consider your current mattress’ quality. Cheap mattresses are crafted from poor quality materials, optimised for the showroom. Mattresses made in the UK by master bed builders will last longer and look after you and your spine.
Many people opt for a foam mattress to resolve their back problems as they are seen as the best on review sites. But this is not a solution that we recommend. Investing in a better sprung mattress with natural or organic materials is our top suggestion for putting back pain to bed.

Consider your options

Our Luxury Range Memory and Latex mattress is ideal for side sleepers and couples with different needs. People that sleep on their back have benefited from a firm, Classic Range Natural mattress. An Organic Luxury Binary option will suit you if you want a mattress that is both organic and good for your back. And you should opt for the Super Luxury range if your main priority is comfort.
If you feel you have the perfect mattress but need a bed with more flexibility, our divans and bedsteads are all available with sprung bases.
Whilst we regularly recommend these options, there is no one-size-fits-all mattress for back pain. It’s about your personal situation and preference. We will listen to your problem to ensure we find the right solution for you.
To find out more about our bed and mattress ranges, head over to the ‘Choose Your…’ section on our website. Or, to discuss a solution to your back pain, get in touch on 01565 651696.