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The Difference With Divans: What You Need To Know

What can be better than the ultimate luxury storage solution for your bedroom? Divans are fantastic. They offer even greater support than a bedstead, and remain a  discreet piece of storage so you can free up the rest of your space.
But they’re also a style statement – something that shows off your love of fabrics and centrepiece frames.
There’s a lot to think about when it comes to divan bed design. Enough, we think, for a blog on what makes them so unique, as well as how to build one that’s perfect for you…

Storage is (literally) something to sleep on

Ever had a sleepless night worrying how your room got so messy? Well, that’s a thing of the past. Divans lift or slide out to reveal a hidden storage capacity. Whatever you’re collecting in life, there’s space for it to fill: luggage, shoes, bags, or anything else that doesn’t have a home elsewhere. Multiple options are available to suit you.


The headboards are magnificent

Divans come into their element when they’re paired with the perfect headboard. Our range, for example, is made from FSC-certified timber. It’s 10cm deep with additional padding to the back and headrest. Trust us – the extra comfort pays off when you’re tucked in with a book, or sitting up with your morning tea.


Divan feet are essential for wooden floors

Feet add stability and a visual touch to the bed design. For wooden surfaces, we recommend a divan with fixed legs, such as the L-shaped concept. These come in wood or chrome, complementing our luxury fabrics expertly.


You should choose a divan in stages

Few of us are alike in terms of our sleep patterns. Similarly, your furnishing taste may vary from what a bed retailer is able to give you. Don’t settle for an ‘okay’ choice. In fact, do one better – go for a designer who can hand-build your divan. It works like this:

  1. Choose a layout: The base is important. Do you want a platform, or sprung top? Maybe you want to sacrifice storage for more heft and sturdiness?
  2. Select the headboard: From looping circular builds to plain or patterned rectangles, you’ll find a headboard that works for your palette, as well as your pillow arrangement.
  3. Pin down a fabric decision: Upholstered, velvet, button stitching… There are a few core materials to pick between. You should also be looking at colour and the fabric’s finish. Divan wraps are useful too – these run around the bottom half of the bed, matching or contrasting with a colour code as desired.
  4. Decide on the feet: We can bring curled or wheeled feet into the picture, in addition to the L-shapes we mentioned earlier. Dark or light wood – not to mention chrome – can make a bed modern or traditional, whichever you prefer.

We here at Custom Mattress are able to create the divan of your dreams! Speak to us today, and from there it’s simply a case of slotting each personalised element together… So pick up the phone and look forward to a tailored bedroom investment.