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The Best Mattress On The Market (For Me)

It’s often thought that a higher cost equals the best product. However, this isn’t always the case with custom mattresses. Because they are crafted specifically to meet certain people’s needs, the most suitable isn’t necessarily the one with the highest price tag or most reviews. The best mattress on the market is different for everyone.
There are a number of things you should take into account to determine the most fitting one for you. We’ve put together seven key considerations you can’t disregard in your decision process.

1. Material

Buying only natural products immediately narrows down your search. Thankfully, there is quite the range of options with mattress materials. Natural fillings include cashmere and silk, providing the ultimate luxurious sanctuary.
You can go one step further with an organic choice. Check yours is organic by asking the company if the fillings are certified by the Soil Association and adhere to the GOTS regulations.

2. Temperature

Once you’ve decided on the material, think about your sleep quality. If you find that you’re struggling because of the heat at night, then a sprung mattress is ideal. This is because it allows the air to circulate around your body, enabling you to stay cool.
For those who experience the opposite, foam mattresses hold in the heat. However, it’s worth noting that they can trigger increased sweating.

3. Your body

Even if you don’t have trouble falling asleep, how you feel in the morning may be a big indicator that a change in mattress is needed. If you wake up feeling comfortable, but hot, then the cause is often a foam mattress.
Feeling stiff and sore, or experiencing any lower back, hip or shoulder pain, means that the tension is likely wrong. The right tension is often affected by your sleeping position, as well as weight.

4. Sleep position

How you’re positioned at night can have a great bearing on the comfort you feel. Those sleeping on their side benefit from a softer, more cushioned mattress. A medium tension one will likely be the better option, as it’s kinder on the shoulders and hips.
For back sleepers, a firm bed generally works best. A Classic Range Natural mattress has proved to help with back pain too.

5. Sleeping partner

If you’re suffering from a sore back or other problems, check if your partner is experiencing these too. Perhaps they have different issues with your mattress altogether. This adds a degree of complexity in choosing a suitable one for you both.
There are options that meet opposing needs. Differences in the size of your frames can commonly be a challenge, but custom mattresses can be fashioned so that you and your partner receive comfort and support. A zip and link mattress is also a possibility if necessary.

6. Bed frame

It’s not just the mattress that impacts your comfort at night – the bed frame affects it too. If you have a solid base, then a mattress that is softer will work more in harmony with it.
For those who are sleeping on a high-quality sprung base, a firmer mattress will give you greater levels of support to complement the cushioned frame.

7. Budget

Once you’ve figured out the considerations relating to comfort, your budget will of course be a major deciding factor. Our general advice is to invest in a mattress that meets your needs. However, you may not necessarily be able to afford this. You can take our quick quiz to determine the most suitable mattress in your price range.
You’ll want to pay for one that has longevity too – a good double or king mattress can cost over £1,000 but will last 10 years or more. You can even get one with a 10-year guarantee. This means you will save money in the long run, as you will not need to change your mattress as frequently.
If you want to know more about the best mattress on the market for you, get in touch with us here at Custom Mattress. You can speak to us about your needs over a free in-depth consultation. We not only offer a full 10-year guarantee, but our sustainable mattresses and filings are certified by the Soil Association and meet the GOTS regulations too.
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