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How long should you keep your mattress?

You’ll spend about a third of your life on of your mattress, making it important that it provides the comfort and support you need for a healthy night’s sleep.   Over time, it’s common for your mattress to show signs of wear, from sagging to a reduced level of comfort. When these problems start to mount, it’s often a reliable…Continue reading

The Best Mattress On The Market (For Me)

It’s often thought that a higher cost equals the best product. However, this isn’t always the case with custom mattresses. Because they are crafted specifically to meet certain people’s needs, the most suitable isn’t necessarily the one with the highest price tag or most reviews. The best mattress on the market is different for everyone. There are a number of…Continue reading

The Difference With Divans: What You Need To Know

What can be better than the ultimate luxury storage solution for your bedroom? Divans are fantastic. They offer even greater support than a bedstead, and remain a  discreet piece of storage so you can free up the rest of your space. But they’re also a style statement – something that shows off your love of fabrics and centrepiece frames. There’s…Continue reading

What’s The Best Mattress For A Bad Back?

If it’s reached the point where you can no longer sleep without disruption from chronic pain in your back, then it’s time to take action. An orthopedic bed mattress or one specifically tailored to those with a bad back has been proven to help. But there’s a lot to consider prior to parting with your money. Here, we explore what…Continue reading

How Buying A Mattress Online Offers You More Than The In-Store Experience

Mattresses are one of those products that previously you would have needed to see and lie on before you bought it. But this doesn’t have to be the case anymore, especially if it’s one that is customised. In fact, ordering a mattress online replaces the in-store feel with an even better experience. Join us as we delve into the reasons…Continue reading

What is in my mattress?

Trust is such a rare commodity these days. As the world becomes increasingly diverse and disorientating, many people look to cut through the noise to find reality, honesty and products they can trust. Whether it’s cars or carrots, we want to know how things are made. Authenticity is in such short supply… This even influences the decisions you’ll make when…Continue reading

Dreaming Of The Seasons: What We Love About Them!

Summer has ended, and autumn has breezed in… It’s easy to become despondent about the waning warmth in the air, but we shouldn’t despair. There are many beautiful things about the seasons, whether we’re in the grip of winter or the fresh blush of spring. It doesn’t matter if you’re into walking, food, fashion, shopping or even politics – the British…Continue reading

How Yoga Leads To A Better Night’s Sleep

Whenever you see the word ‘yoga’, it seems to be accompanied by the phrase ‘improved wellbeing’ and a photograph of “typical” yogis. It’s a misconception that this practice is only suitable for women and older people. This view has in fact resulted in many people not realising its huge potential. Join us as we discuss the value of yoga, along…Continue reading

Why Pay A Fair Price For Quality Goods Made In The UK?

Many of the mattresses you’ll come across when shopping in the UK aren’t manufactured here. Yet, if you take a holiday abroad, you might find that the hotel mattress label says ‘Made in the UK’. This might cause you to wonder: are we paying too much here for an imported product, or are we purchasing poor quality at cheap prices?…Continue reading

A perfect fit

​Jack and Marie were referred to us by a friend who was ecstatic about their custom-made mattress. Their bed was a four poster, and they found that they couldn’t find a mattress that would fit perfectly into the frame. They sought a bespoke solution, which would also have the appropriate comfort level. Jack and Marie phoned us up asking the…Continue reading