Our Custom Process

Step 1

Over an initial call, we spend time with you to understand your unique needs and exact preferences. It's important to know how much or little you use your bed, height, weight, environmental concerns, comfort preference, allergies, budget and room access - these will all influence the best mattress and bed solution for you.

Step 2
Develop your Custom Sleep Specification

Knowing your unique needs and individual preferences, we use our expertise to develop your unique Sleep Specification. This specification prescribes the size, construction, softness or firmness of your mattress, range and combination of fillings, finishing, fabric, leg and feet preferences, delivery needs and timings.

If you're coming to us just for a mattress, tell us about your current bed base and we will factor that into your Sleep Specification.

Step 3

Your mattress and bed are hand-made to your Sleep Specification by master craftsmen and women in the UK, using the finest materials attainable and time honoured methods to deliver a true and genuine luxury mattress and bed.

Step 4
Personal delivery

Following quality inspection and clearance, one of the team will personally deliver your mattress to your door - normally within 14 days.

Step 5
After care

We provide a simple aftercare guide when we deliver your bed and mattress and we will contact you to remind you when needed, to turn your mattress. We're also happy to provide support and guidance for any additional queries or question you may have,

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